Sunnyside Women Golfers

Welcome prospective Sunnyside Women Golfers. Sunnyside Country Club opened its doors in 1911 and offers pristine golf to women in an open play and welcoming environment. Sunnyside offers opportunities for the beginner to the seasoned golfer. There are many fun events and tournaments to be involved in that are highlighted throughout this brochure. If being a part of the Sunnyside Women Golfers group sounds like something you’d be interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact the Club at (559) 255-6871. We look forward to welcoming you to the Sunnyside Women Golfers group!


Captain: Holly Bare

Assistant Captain/Open Day: Pat Rounds

Tournament Chair: Kevyn Johnston

Assistant Tournament Chair: Nancy S. Buller

Handicap Chair: Penny Docker

Secretary: Nancy Midcalf

Treasurer: Lenny Silva

Rules Chair:  Laurie Plescia

House Chair: Kevyn Johnston


Amenities: Jackie Ward

A-Team Captain: Nancy Midcalf

Junior Girls Chairs: Catherine Aujero & Kelly Bettencourt

Publicity: Nancy Midcalf

ClubLites: Linda Estep

Eclectic: Sara Green

Hole-In-One: Carol Chandler

Historian: Debbie Johnson

Unestablished Handicap: Pam Parr