The Sunnyside Way

The Sunnyside Way

For over a century, Sunnyside Country Club has endeavored to be the premier private golf and country club experience in Central California by providing:
A superior golf experience to its members, families,guests
A creative, seasonal and high-quality dining experience throughout the year
Fun and imaginative member social events
A friendly and welcoming attitude toward others at all times A responsible position in the neighborhood and community A workplace that values its employees and their families

The Golf Experience

We are committed to:
Maintaining the design integrity of our historic William P. “Billy” Bell championship golf course Establishing best practices for course maintenance and creating excellent playing conditions allyear
Striving to lead the golf community with a sustainable approach to course maintenance, including reduced water consumption, chemical and fertilizer applications
Promoting fun, exciting and competitive member golf tournaments and outings Maintaining membership levels such that our members will never need a tee time
Limiting outside golf tournaments to charitable and corporate events compatible with our responsibility to enhance our neighborhood and community

The Food and Beverage Experience

The Executive Chef will offer imaginative, seasonal menu choices Signature dishes and beverages will be an integral aspect of our dining traditions
Offerings will take into account varying member lifestyles, such as tapas after golf, a buffet on our busiest days and special member dining experiences throughout the year
We will serve quality food products with a mind toward healthy, sustainable, organic, locally produced meats, fruits and vegetables Our menu items will be reasonably priced, with fair and consistent portions
Our food preparation and service areas will be the cleanest and best maintained in the area

Our Facilities

Sunnyside facilities will be regularly maintained, with the highest standards of cleanliness and appearance at all times Our facilities will be improved and updated within the context of a master plan and available financing
Members are welcome to consider opportunities to financially support Club projects designed to enhance and maintain our facilities
Sunnyside will consider expanded or modified facilities such as casual dining or fitness to accommodate the changing needs of our members and theirfamilies

The Sunnyside Member

Each and every Sunnyside member is expected to:
Conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our long-standing reputation as the friendliest club in the Valley Respect fellow members and Club staff at alltimes
Promote the Club to others
Treat the Club facility and golf course as if it were theirown
At all times be a gentleman or a lady in competition and in friendly games Encourage the play of others, including women and youth

The Sunnyside Employee

Our staff will provide member satisfaction with each and every opportunity to serve Conduct themselves at all times with professionalism commensurate with our century oldtradition
Keep the highest standards of dress and appearance at all times

The Sunnyside Board of Directors

The Board:
Believes every member has the full and complete right to understand Club operations and finances  
Commits to posting Board meeting minutes on the members section of the Club website eachmonth
Pledges to communicate freely and often with Club members regarding course conditions, tournament play, food and beverage, special events and any significant changes inClub operations
Encourages members to serve on Club committees as a prerequisite to future Board membership Endeavors to be the most open, honest and transparent Club in CentralCalifornia

Our mission, our Way, is to be the very best we can be, in everything our Club provides for its members, families and guests.