Course Tour

This is a great starting hole that will not leave you much time to cruise into your round.

It is a demanding medium length par 4 with OB right and left. Avoid the fairway bunkers on the left and you will have a mid-iron into a well-bunkered green.

  Blue 415
  White 407
  Gold 394
  Red 356
Number 2 is a short par 4 with OB left and a well-placed bunker on the right.

From the fairway you will have a short iron into one of the smallest greens on the course.

  Blue 388
  White 366
  Gold 352
  Red 303
Demanding is the only way to describe one of the toughest holes in the central valley.

A good drive, avoiding both fairway bunkers, will leave a long iron or fairway wood into a well-bunkered green. Par is like a birdie here.

  Blue 459
  White 432
  Gold 407
  Red 400
Don’t lose focus yet.

Now you have a mid-length par 3 with a green that is surrounded by bunkers and a swirling breeze. Pick the correct club and get out of here with a par.

  Blue 195
  White 177
  Gold 163
  Red 157
Now you can breathe a little bit.

Longer hitters can reach this fun par 5 in two. Two good shots should leave a short iron into this challenging green.

  Blue 525
  White 512
  Gold 496
  Red 452
Number six is a short par three to a very narrow and well-bunkered green.

Check the tree tops for wind direction and pick the correct club!

  Blue 133
  White 121
  Gold 108
  Red 93
Number seven is a dogleg right par 4.

Don’t cut too much off the corner, bunkers and OB right are lurking! A good drive will leave a mid-iron into this sloping green.

  Blue 445
  White 385
  Gold 366
  Red 331
Once again, you will need a good drive to have a good yardage into a demanding par 4.

Keep the ball in the fairway and avoid the bunkers surrounding the green.

  Blue 424
  White 403
  Gold 388
  Red 348
Usually playing into the wind, this par 5 rarely gets touched in two shots.

Two good shots will leave a medium iron in. Birdies are possible but par is still a good score!

  Blue 548
  White 537
  Gold 493
  Red 452
You just grabbed a cold beverage in the snack bar and see that hole 10 is only 325 yards.

Avoid the bunkers off the tee and you will have a short-iron into the green and your best chance at birdie on the back nine.

  Blue 341
  White 325
  Gold 309
  Red 296
Number 11 is a beast from any tee.

Even a good tee shot will leave a long iron into a small green with plenty of bunkers.

  Blue 471
  White 414
  Gold 394
  Red 341
Number twelve is a shorter par 4 with two fairway bunkers and one of the smallest greens at Sunnyside, surrounded by bunkers.

Double-check your yardage and pick the correct club!

  Blue 341
  White 326
  Gold 319
  Red 253
This par 3 will present you with one of the hardest 150-yard shots on the course.

Hit the green and you will have a legitimate birdie chance.

  Blue 159
  White 150
  Gold 141
  Red 137
If you hit a draw you finally found a hole that really fits your eye.

Don’t over hook it, the trees on the left will obstruct what should be a mid-iron into a well-shaped and bunkered green.

  Blue 420
  White 375
  Gold 364
  Red 334
Big hitters can have a go at the fun 15th.

A good drive and second shot will leave a short iron into another green with lots of bunkers protecting it.

  Blue 551
  White 530
  Gold 490
  Red 443
You only need 230 off the tee to have a mid-iron in to this slight dogleg left par 4.

Sometimes the wind swirls around this part of the course so choose your second club wisely!

  Blue 346
  White 320
  Gold 279
  Red 263
Don’t think ahead to 18 before you take care of business on this challenging par 3.

A long iron or fairway wood needs to thread the needle between some bunkers to find the green.

  Blue 203
  White 178
  Gold 140
  Red 128
Are you sensing a theme of avoiding well placed fairway bunkers?

If your drive and second shot stay in the short grass, you will have a good chance at birdie on a classic risk/reward finishing par 5.

  Blue 586
  White 512
  Gold 493
  Red 424